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We at “Village60+” are aware of your needs for
a happy, relaxed, satisfying and independent life.


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care homes in sri lanka

Children are not with us in our old age. We are left alone at home...

Sometimes they are in far away foreign land and visit us only occasionally.
Of course they do send us money.
It is not that easy to bear with the feeling of loneliness. We sit for a few minutes in the open. They retire in to the room. Glance through the newspapers. Watch the TV. Most of the time there is no one even to chat.  That is how our time is spent.
So many elderly personnel like us have to live with this painful experience. That, however, is not the end of the world for us. Now there is some welcome news.
There is a place where we can spend the evening of our life happily amidst a lot of friends.


That place is,

Village 60+plus
It is certainly not another home for the aged.

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