Our Facilities

Village 60+Plus offers a wide range of services and facilities for the clients to select from, according to their requirement and abilities.

The basic facilities that the Village 60+Plus provide are:

Very comfortable rooms with all facilities including hot water Air conditioning or a fan All three meals with different menus Tea and snacks Total care including bathing, washing, feeding assistance in moving due to health conditions Laundry facilities Tv, Internet facilities Free medical services on a daily basis Attending to emergencies Hospitalisation Organising events, etc.

Care Packages

  • Day Care facilities
  • Short Term Residential Care
  • Long Term Residential Care
  • Life Time Residential Care
  • Foreigners on Holiday, Winter, or for medical treatment

What type of people we accept?

The company was created by a well experienced, a well known medical doctor and managed by doctors who are with a well trained and experienced nursing staff to look after elders with any health and physical condition. Our aim is to provide the best care solution for any person need our assistance, hence we accept;

  • Retires who can attend to their own work and also still working
  • Seniors with any health condition except serious mental illnesses
  • Patients with Dementia, Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's Disease
  • Patients with Diabetes,High Blood Pressure, Cancer etc.
  • Bed ridden Patients
  • Patients with Nasal Feeding, PEG feeding or with urinary catheters.
  • Deaf or Blind
  • Amputees and Paralysed patients
  • Post surgical positions