Message from Dr Harischandra Yakandawala

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Living in comfort and with dignity in the evening of their lives….

BY : Dr Harishandra Yakandawala


MBBS, MSc (Comm.Med.) PG Dip (Comm)

Ageing is for all human beings. What the young and dynamic do not ponder about is how will they handle life when they age. But even if they leave such a concern to the distant years, they soon find themselves battling with ageing and the associated complexities and complications when they find their senior parents are now dependent on them.

TThis is why Village 60 plus was conceived and created. We are fully aware that an ageing population is one that we will all have to care for as the years go by. Ageing renders the most dynamic youth, a slow and dependent being. However much one may argue, this is a fact of life.

Our thoughts become slower, our ability to eat, drink, take medication, in short our ability to even move, slow down as we age. And to think that our parents, aunts and uncles, who once cared for us with love - those who earned for us, fed us, clothed us and provided for us and showered us with love, are now sitting and waiting for us to give them their medication and take them to toilet, is a reality that we all have to face.

With full time jobs and with our children and their care becoming our responsibilities, we may tend to forget or postpone caring for those who once cared for us. But should we neglect them? Should we abandon them? Should we forget how much they did for us? Shouldn’t we give to them, what they once gave to us – the best.

As a medical doctor, I can confidently assure you - leave those cares in our hands. Village 60+ is a professional facility with nurses, health care workers and chefs functioning 24 hours to care for your senior family member’s every need.

Our assistants are nurses and caregivers with qualification and experience to care for elders with any condition. With a medical doctor at the helm, we will ensure that your parents' medical needs and medical care are met. We provide 24x7 nursing and medical care and attend to any emergency within a very short period of time, and we provide in house medical management most of the time with no cost for you.

We always maintain our premises and the environment clean and regularly check for and hazards and mosquito breeding.

Every elder living in our facility is precious to us, the way he or she is precious to you. We work day and night to ensure that they are kept clean, that their personal hygiene needs are taken care of.

When you hand over a parent, aunt or uncle to us, we consider it an honor, a responsibility which we will not dis-honor.

Come visit us, visit the home - the only facility that taking care of any elder with any condition and their every need. Hand over your cares to us and relax. Know that you are not in a position to handle the needs of the elderly especially with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, stroke, amputees, patients with tubes and catheters, Post operative and Bedridden, but we are.

Be aware that you will not know how to handle personal eventualities like incontinence and 'very personal accidents', but our staff have been dealing with such eventualities every single day. They will not only comfort and ease your parents through such accidents but will also ensure that they are powdered and pampered after such incidents which you may consider 'troublesome', 'harassing or embarrassing'.

Do not make your parents live their last years in pain and discomfort. These are fragile years, remember that they need round the clock care.

Take their fears and uncertainties away, help them live in comfort and live with dignity during the evening of their lives.