Village 60+Plus enhances the independence of its residents, promoting the feeling that they are in their own residences. They are now free sans any obligations and need to enjoy their retirement. All services are provided and most often, they feel that they are more free than living in their own homes! The Institution preserves their dignity, which is of utmost importance. Most of the children of these residents are domiciled abroad, but thanks to the high-tech facilities, especially the mobile phones, they do not feel the physical distance between their children and them. Close relationships with their families and friends too are very significant. With the comfortable and spacious residencies of the Village 60+Plus, those visiting the residents feel as if they are walking into the very residences of their relatives or friends.

It should be added that the well trained and experienced staff at the Village 60+Plus is capable of taking care of any health and physical condition and they provide their services with the best care solutions for any person in any condition. There are no specific categories for the residents. There are retirees who are still employed and looking after their own work. Those with Dementia, Alzymer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. Some suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, etc. those who are bed ridden, being Nasal Fed, PEG fed and with urinary catheters. Furthermore, there are those who are deaf and blind, amputees and paralysed patients. Thus, the residents are in varying health conditions, except those with serious mental illnesses. All these patients are cared for well, under the supervision of qualified and experienced doctors and a health team

Our total Care package includes;

  • Comfortable rooms with attached bath room, with Hot water
  • With AC or a Fan
  • All meals with different menus
  • Tea and snacks
  • Total care including bathing, washing, feeding, moving for any person with any type of health condition
  • Laundry facilities
  • Internet
  • Free Medical service on daily basis
  • Attending to any emergency
  • Hospitalisation
  • Organising events and Religious activities
  • Funeral arrangements on request.

Other services

You may have several daily needs which you cannot attend to alone. We will assist you.

Visiting the bank, Collecting your pension, visiting relations, attending a funeral, travelling abroad, performing a meritorious deed, throwing a party at can help you to do all this with our trustworthy staff. In all this, we are there to assist you.