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History History of Village60plus
History of Village60plus

Village60 Plus was founded in the year 2009 as an Initial residential care facility in Colombo, home to just 7 residents. Our Co-Founders Dr. Harischandra Yakandawala and Dr. Mrs. Sudharma Yakandawala both successful physicians with years of experience under their belt. 

Our founders realized from time to time that the need for Residential care services for the senior citizens with skilled nursing care along with other medical services was a growing requirement during the years, due to escalating age related illnesses and the difficulty of providing a high level of care and attention due to lack of skill and lack of time.

Dr and Dr Mrs. Yakandawala recognized the value of hard work and labour of love and commitment that would be required to build a residential care facility for the senior citizens, their main principle and goal was to provide a senior way of living with dignity and quality to value the independence of each adult despite their diverse walks in life.

Over the next ten years with hard work, perseverance and a hands-on approach, Village60 Plus developed into a premier elderly care residential services company with over 8 residential facilities in Colombo and Nawala growing to become a recognized

Present Present Village 60 Plus
Present Village 60 Plus

During the year 2020, Village60 Plus (PVT) LTD rebranded as V60+ Companies. We are currently home to over 100 patients with main branches; Serenity located in Nugegoda, Tranquility located in Narahenpita and Enchanted fields located in the heart of Kottawa overlooking to highways.

Our founder recognized a deep requirement for quality and consistent training of nursing and caregiver staff along with providing professional opportunities to those who are drawn and inspired by this mentally rewarding field of nursing and caregiving. The Colombo Institute of Life Sciences (CILS) launched in 2019, now known as the Village 60 plus Training Center is the formal training institution for NVQ Level 3 and 4 in affiliation with the Ministry of Skills and Vocational Training Institute.

The Unique V60+ Butler service, Life Line service and Elderly care products creating a one stop shop for all geriatric care solutions a brainchild of Mr. Nimantha Yakandawala, Director Operations of V60+ companies were also launched in 2020.

Mid 2021 saw V60+ launching Enchanted Fields Retirement Villas, the brainchild of our founder whose frequent preoccupation is providing innovative and qualitative living for the elders of the 21st Century. 

Future Future of Village 60 Plus
Future of Village 60 Plus

The chief goal of the younger generation at the helm is to firmly lead V60+ into the 21st century and Mr. Nimantha Yakandawala feels that the key to sustainability in residential care is in offering diversification of services along with quality of life to the older generation of the 21st century. 

Expecting to outlive the previous generation by ten plus years, the senior citizens of today are healthier and in search of a lifestyle that will offer vitality, the opportunity for fitness, sports and recreation, socializing and even dating.

Plans for the future include a membership-based Community Center for both residents and guests wishing to utilize the center’s services.  The center will include a library, recreational sports varying from both indoor and outdoor sporting activities, a spa and salon, and Ayurveda services, physiotherapy and a café for refreshments.

The introduction of the V60+ Loyalty card system will commence in the future years available to both residents and guests at a nominal fee providing the ability to obtain discounted rates for services offered by V60+ and other vendors.

Alongside more qualitative services for residents and clients alike, Yakandawala is keen to ensure V60+ does its part to reduce its carbon footprint. The goal is that by 2022 all V60+ residences will be invested in the V60+ Green Initiative with minimalized carbon emissions and waste.

Vision Village60plus Vision
Mision Village60plus Mission

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