Frequently Asked Questions from Village60Plus

What is Retirement Nursing Home?

A Retirement nursing home is a service provided to seniors who require an additional assistance to keep up with their daily work. Equipped with a well trained and experienced nursing staff to look after elders with any health and physical condition and our aim is to provide the best care solution for any person need our assistance. Amputees and Paralysed patients, Retires who can attend to their own work and still working, Seniors with any health condition except serious mental illnesses, Patients with Dementia, Alzymer's disease and Parkinson's Disease, Patients with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cancer etc, Bed Ridden Patients, Patients with Nasal Feeding, PEG feeding or with urinary catheters. Deaf or Blind.

How is the care?

Our well qualified nurses ensure that all medication is provided on time, and aided with daily activities like bathing, dressing, feeding, transferring, assisting them to walk and toileting mainly for seniors who are bed ridden. All meals will be provided to their rooms or our seniors have the option of consuming their meals with a view.

How are the meals?

Meals are prepared by In-House chefs who ensure that well balanced, quality meals are always provided to our seniors. All meals provided have been recommended by nutritionists to maintain a healthy diet. Varying from daily intake of fruits, grains, vegetables and proteins all nutrients are provided to our residents.

What are the facilities?

Every resident has the following facilities to choose from to best suit their needs.
• Air Conditioning (Upon request)
• Swimming Pool
• Walking paths
• Television in every room
• Furniture and bedding
• Indoor activities – Library and Indoor games For Bedridden Seniors
• Nasal Feeding Equipment
• Furniture and bedding

Will they be neglected?

All residents who are part of our community will be taken care of by our nurses. They will always be encouraged to participate in daily activities that take place. As we are equipped with an adequate number of staff, we have the possibility to provide utmost care to your loving seniors. As there are many residents with us, they have the possibility to socialize with one another. Keeping your loved ones protected and happy is our main goal, their needs will be taken care of daily.

Can we visit them?

Family members are always encouraged to visit the residents as this will help them to maintain a happy life, you have the possibility to provide snacks, take them out for meals or shopping, and visit to spend tea or lunch time with your loved ones. If the residents will be leaving the centre it should be informed to our staff allocated to each home in order to maintain safety. However, we have a safety policy that you are not allowed to stay overnight at our locations.